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Rehearsal  Schedule for

Sound of Music


Tuesday 28th Jan     7.30 - 9      All Nuns      Morning Hymn, Climb Every Mountain Preludium

Venue TBC               9 - 10pm    Max, Elsa & Von Trapp    How Can Love Survive

                                                  Maria & Von Trapp    Something Good

Tuesday 4th Feb     7.30 - 8.30  Rolf & Liesl      Sixteen Going on Seventeen

Venue TBC              8.30-10pm  Nuns  & Mother Abbess    Morning Hymn, Climb Every Mountain,
                                                   Preludium,  Gadeamus Domino

Tuesday 11th Feb   7.30 -10pm  Maria & Mother Abbess    My Favourite Things

Venue TBC                                 Max, Elsa & Von Trapp    How Can Love Survive

                                                   Maria & Von Trapp    Something Good

                                                   Elsa, Max & Von Trapp    No Way to Stop It

Tuesday 18th Feb  7.30 - 10pm  All singing cast     Go through everything once
Venue TBC              


Sunday 2nd   2pm - 5pm      Act 1 scene 9 - 11 Pages 43 - 64
February                              Cast required   All children + All Adults
(MUSIC  How Can Love Survive - Sound of Music –  So long Farewell)

                     5pm - 6pm     Act 1 Scene 12 & 13
Cast required   All  Nuns including Mother Abbess
                                            MUSIC Morning Hymn - Climb Every Mountain)

Sunday 9th     2pm - 6pm     All of Act 1
February                              Cast required  All
MD will be with us               
(MUSIC All music from Act 1)      
                           Lucas’s group will be needed from 2pm - 4pm  and Felix’s group from 4pm - 6pm

 Sunday 16th                         The children have this week off as many are away due to half term
February         2pm - 6pm      All Adults and we will go over things that were incorrect in the run     through.                                           We have some adults off so we will have to ask people to read in for those

Sunday 23rd    2pm - 4pm     Act 2 sc 1 pages 69- 73
February                                Cast required   All children, Max, Captain Maria & Elsa            
(Music My Favourite thing - Lonely Goatherd)    

                        4pm - 6pm    Act 2 sc 1 - 4 pages 73 – 83
                                            Cast required  Captain, Maria, Elsa Max, Franz and all Nuns
(Music There’s No Way To Stop it - Something Good - Maria - Conititemini)

Tues 25th Feb  7.30 - 10pm  Choregraphy - plus maybe using the other rooms to go over lines
Challow Village Hall              Cast required All adults

Sunday 1st      2pm - 4pm    Act 2 Sc 5 pages 85 - 88 Act 2 sc 6 pages 95 – 99
March                                     Cast required All children -  Frau Schmidt - Zeller - Max - Captain –                                                 Maria.
(Music  - Do-Ri-Me Edelweiss - So Long Farewell)

                         4pm - 6pm    Act 2 sc 5 page 88 -95
                                               Cast required  Max - Maria -Zeller -Leisl -Rolf - Captain -Von Zeller
                                               (Music  Sixteen Going on Seventeen)

Tuesday 3rd    7.30 - 10pm   Act 1 sc 7 ages 35 - 38 Act 1 sc 9 pages 43 – 50
March                                     Cast required Frau Schmidt - Leisl - Rolf - Max - Elsa - Captain –                                                 Maria
King Alfred’s Head               (Music - How can Love Survive)

Sunday 8th      2pm - 4pm     Act 1 sc 9 pages 51 -53 Act 2 sc 6 & 7 95 – 103
March                                     Cast required   All children +
                                                Max - Captain - Maria - Sister Margarita -Sister Sophia -
                                                Mother Abbess
(Music Sound of Music - Favourite Things)

                         4pm - 6pm    All adults - going through as much as possible that needs attention

From this point all cast will be needed at every rehearsal

Tuesdays -  ADULTS only 10th Alfred’s Head - 17th & 24th Challow Village Hall

Sundays   March 16th & 23rd full run through starting at 12pm through to 6pm

 All Adults needed for full time

 Children on both occasions:-  
                                          Lucas’s Team 12pm - 3pm

                                           Felix’s Team     3pm - 6pm

I will be giving you all confirmation of show week but at this point in time I am expecting to run the Band Call on Sunday 29th March from 2pm I would like all cast there please.

DRESS rehearsals will be  Monday 30th March (with Lucas’s Team)
                                               Tuesday  31st March (with Felix’s Team)

However a reminder of my notes to all parents:-
I would like all children attending on both evenings one night to perform the other to watch as this gives the children a good overall view of the whole show.


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